Sources To Bale Equipment

There are various types of bale equipment available in the market. However, the type of bale equipment will depend on various factors. One of those is the tractor used in the process of cutting and stacking bale. To keep it simple, we will focus our attention on the three types of bale equipment, mounted on the 3-point hitch of a tractor.

Disc Mowers

In this type of bale equipment, the cutting blades are placed on small discs that revolve at great speeds. The equipment is attached on top of cutter slab. The disc is moved with the help of shafts or gears. The cutter bar allows for cutting of hay close to the ground and provides the flexibility to control the cutting height.

There are several advantages of using a disc mower. The number one advantage is that there is no clogging. Next, the disc can handle bushy and stiff hay easily. The speed of cutting is also high. There is also no limit on the tractor for speed limits while driving through the field.

There is ease of transition when using this type of method. It makes it easy to set up the equipment without much pain and it saves time. This type of equipment is suitable for smaller fields.

Sickle Bar Mowers

This type of mower was the first type of mechanical equipment in this field. Before automobiles came into the scene, horses pulled it. However, the design of the equipment has not changed in modern times. The action of the equipment is reciprocating, moving the triangular blades back and forth.

It is an effective type of cutting hay, as it also helps to reduce the vibrations in machine making it quieter to operate. It is more comfortable to use and last much longer when compared to other equipment types. DCM Italia 150 is a good example of such kind of a machine.

The biggest advantage is the little horsepower required to work with this type of equipment. Low horse powered tractors — even 15 horsepower, can easily work with this cutting machine. Therefore, those with older tractor models can choose sickle bar mower to produce best results.
Drum Mowers

Drum mowers are being massively used in Europe for the last 40 years or more. However, their use has spread across to other parts of the world only recently. This equipment differs in high degrees from the preceding examples of hay cutting machines. The significant difference is the way in which the blades are moved. Instead of moving from below with the help of shaft, the blades are powered by the gearbox placed above, near the driver’s seat. Drum mowers, instead of rotating, slides across the ground depending on the height of hay.

One big advantage of using this type of equipment is that there is no need for the hydraulic unit. When transporting drums, it hangs easily on the sides of the tractor manually. It is the most rugged of all types of hay mowers available in agri equipment market. This aspect makes it highly durable and flexible for varied climatic conditions and extreme use with the capacity to absorb severe wear and tear.

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The Role Of Employees And Employers In Worksite Safety

Safety during work is a shared responsibility both by the employers and the employees. However, every employer should ensure that all his worksites maintain the required levels of safety. Let us explore the role of employees and employers in maintaining safety and human conditions in all sites.

Role of employer
First, the employer is expected to comply with the safety standards as defined by law or regulatory authorities with respect to the specific type of work area. For example, industrial sites should follow the regulations for general work places as well as those specific to industrial sites. Failure to comply with such regulations may attract closure of the site, a penalty and order to comply or even a jail term.

The driveway rubber employer should provide all employees with the necessary safety gears and ensure that potentially dangerous machinery is carefully labelled. In addition, all employees should be taken through training to ensure that they are conversant with different machinery as well as the safety rules and procedures. It is essential for the employer to have a functional first aid team. Alternatively, the company could organise for all their employees to receive constant training on first aid. This may save many lives in future and it is a great investment.

Role of Employee
The employees are expected to comply with the manuals and instructions for use of different machinery. For safety purposes, employees should only handle machinery that they full understand to avoid accidents. All safety equipment and gear should be used whenever an employee is on official duty. Failure to do so amounts to negligence which may prevent compensation in cases of accidents. The employees should also avoid the use of faulty machinery and tools and report any machinery that requires repair immediately.

Whenever the company organises workshops and training sessions to sensitise employees on safety matters, it is essential for all employees to attend even if they have attended similar sessions. Refreshing your knowledge on this can save your life or that of your colleagues at work. In case of accidents, the extraction procedures should be followed to the letter to prevent aggravation of the situation.

Safety is not only essential in industrial and construction sites. It is also prerequisite in the normal offices and worksites. As such, employers should ensure that anything that may pose danger to employees or clients should be dealt with. Slippery floors, sharp corners or stairs, loose tiles and ceiling boards should be labelled or repaired as fast as possible.

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