What Does a Successful Plumbing Company Need to Offer?

As it has in so many industries, technology has changed the face of plumbing; where it used to be enough for a professional plumber to understand the plumbing basics and know which end of a pipe wrench to use, a successful plumber today has to know about building codes and permits, certifications and professional organizations, and he has to be just as comfortable controlling a remote pipe inspection video camera or adjusting powerful hydrojetting equipment as he is fixing a leaky faucet.

The plumbing business has changed so much that if a plumber today doesn’t devote a certain number of hours per month to training and learning about the newest tools, techniques, and equipment, he is not going to remain in business for long. He knows that if he can’t provide a particular service for one of his clients, there are a number of plumbers out there who can, and he will have lost that business forever.

Being able to provide a host of plumbing-related services in addition to the basic drain cleaning and fixture replacement tasks can make or break a plumbing business. It’s not always about having the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, although that can come in handy; sometimes it’s as simple as being able to help a client plan the plumbing requirements for a new home, or an addition to his current home. Having this kind of professional attitude and solid work ethic are also important ingredients that can make for a successful plumbing company.

In addition to staying abreast of the latest technological developments in the plumbing field and being able to furnish a variety of services, a successful plumber will also need to provide his clients with some important intangibles, like outstanding customer service and respect for the client’s home and belongings when performing work for him. Making himself available 24/7 for emergency issues can also set him apart from the pack. Potential clients also appreciate a professional who will stand behind his service with some type of guarantee so they know he won’t just do the minimum work, collect a check, and then leave.

A plumber these days needs to be a kind of Renaissance man when it comes to the products and services he can offer his customers; he needs to be able to handle the tasks, stay educated, and have great interpersonal skills as well. When you find one like that, hold on to him.